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recommendation engines

Fashwell’s AI recommendation engines use image recognition to power product recommendations for product detail pages (PDP). Embed visually similar products and complete “how to wear” looks to boost user engagement and upsell opportunities. 


Why Fashwell?

Contrary to other recommendation engines, our smart image-based system analyzes shop images to show the perfect suggestion for every user, leading to a 35% increase in conversions and +250% higher engagement. 


Our machine learning based recommendation engine understands the style of a product and recommends visually similar items from your product feed. Use for: Similar products on a PDP, to auto-refill out of stock options and to offer visual browse.


Fashwell's automatic outfit assembly: Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities by suggesting full looks based on model images. Increase AOV, eliminate manual work for visual merchandisers and ensure 100% complete looks for every item.