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Automatic Product Tagging

Automatically annotate your product images with accurate, finegrain labels at scale. The perfect tool for backend catalog management and for creating highly personalized shopping experiences.


Where it's used

Automatic Product Tagging lets you manage your catalog from the backend. Our deep learning fashion classifiers automatically add attribute and ontology tags to products. It’s a quick and easy way to sort and manage your visual product database. You can also offer personalized shopping filters for your customers. 


Thanks to huge amounts of relevant training data, our deep learning algorithms have learned to classify various specifications of fashion products. We input a product image and produce all tags related to the product – like color, style, pattern or occasion. Our attribute and ontology classifiers are constantly learning the latest trends, so you can always keep your offerings up to date.


Fashwell's Automatic Product Tagging goes beyond other tagging services. Whether model or product shots, our tech localizes each fashion product in an image. Our fashion expertise ensures you have the most accurate tags for your entire product catalog.