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Attribute & Taxonomy Tagging

Automatic attribute classification that labels products based on their taxonomy and characteristics, for instance: Clothing > Shoes > Sneakers > High top > Red. The perfect tool for automatic backend catalog management and highly personalized shopping experiences.  


Where it's used

Our customers use attributes to personalize their shoppers’ search results by adding filters for the results customers want – like seeing dresses by style rather than by length. Classification also helps retailers better understand the products in their catalog, for instance to monitor oversupplies or shortages of a certain product category.


Thanks to huge amounts of relevant training data, our deep learning algorithms have learned to classify various specifications of fashion products. Our classifiers are constantly learning the latest trends, so you can show customers the products they want to see. Fashwell can give you quick and accurate product specifications from an Instagram or shop image.


Understanding product attributes enables in-shop recommendations of visually similar products. Facilitate “Shop the Look”, “You May Also Like” and out of stock alternatives while profoundly increasing chances of conversion.


Tagging attributes allows you to classify your products into many different categories: personal style, occasion, color, pattern, fabric — you name it, we sort it!