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Posted by Sophia Cosby Thursday, October, 26th. 2017

Shoppable Tags on Instagram Are Now a Reality

After announcing their plans to make images shoppable with tags, Instagram has followed through on their promise and is now offering this feature for Bigcommerce and Shopify accounts.

At the end of 2016, Instagram announced that they would be testing shoppable tags on photos with 20 US retail brands, including Kate Spade and J.Crew. Since clickable links aren’t possible in the captions of Instagram posts, shoppable tags are the fastest and easiest way for users to get to a brand or retailer’s store without having to leave the app. Now that the testing phase has ended, eCommerce platforms Bigcommerce and Shopify have announced that thousands of their clients will be among the first eCommerce businesses to enable shoppable tags on their Instagram posts.

shoppable social media tags Instagram Fashwell

Instagram images are now shoppable for some eCommerce platform shop owners.

Considering the size of Instagram – they currently have over 800 million active users, 500 million of which use the app on a daily basis – businesses and Instagram itself have been slow to find a way to monetize the billions of images on the platform. Before the availability of shoppable tags, eCommerce shops have been using services like Like2Buy or LikeToKnowIt. With shoppable tags, however, users can shop without having to interrupt their scrolling by opening a browser window to shop. They’re able to tap on a photo, the tags pop up, and when clicked, a page with products details and a “Shop Now” button opens. Although it may seem simple, this feature has been a long awaited building block towards mobile eCommerce. Although a lot of time is spent on mobile, especially for search, not many transactions are completed on mobile, the number one complaint from users being that it’s difficult to get enough product details from a social media image.

Instagram Shopping has had a tremendous effect on some merchants who have already implemented shoppable tags. The Natori Company, for instance, has witnessed a whopping 1,416% increase in referral traffic from Instagram, as well as a 100% increase in revenue, going to show that a seamless shopping experience on social media is what customers have been waiting for. Instagram itself will profit from this venture by letting eCommerce business accounts pay to display their shoppable photos as ads in feeds of users who don’t already follow them.

We’re quite excited about this news. Since the founding of Fashwell, we’ve been championing the importance of connecting content and commerce, realizing that this is where the future of shopping lies. Shoppable Instagram tags simplify the user journey and increase revenue for the businesses who offer shoppable posts. We assume that the tagging process for the products currently happens manually – so Instagram, Bigcommerce and Shopify, if you’re reading this: We can make this awesome development even better. Our tech automatically tags products in images thanks to our advanced image recognition algorithms. Not only can we quickly tag new posts, we can go through all of your old Instagram images and help you monetize those as well! Interested? Get in touch:

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