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Posted by Fashwell Wednesday, December, 7th. 2016

The Power of User Generated Content

User Generated Content makes the online shopping world go 'round. Learn how you can profit off UGC even more with Fashwell's image recognition tech.

Our brain processes images 60’000 times faster than it processes text. For marketers looking to make sure that their message resonates with potential customers, this means that visual communication is often more effective than the written word. Today most content is in fact visual, as users share and communicate through images on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. By promoting hashtags in social media, brands are inviting their audience to transform from average fans to brand content creators. Fans are seemingly taking more and more control over content especially when it comes to content creation and influencing what kind of content they expect from brands. As a result they are starting to play a much larger role in defining the content a brand posts, more than ever before.

Whether it has been obvious to you or not, you have definitely come across User Generated Content (UGC) while shopping online or perusing social media. UGC has come to the forefront of fashion brands and online shops marketing strategy, and it is incorporated into product pages or as standalone shopping sections on a shop’s website.  Fashion companies are using the everyday person’s photos to inspire and convince shoppers to purchase with non-traditional, non-model  images, now more than ever. What is next and how can we expect shopping behavior and trends to evolve with the incoming of millennials and their purchase power?

Why UGC is so effective

Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest over 1.8 billion photos uploaded and shared via social media are shared per day. With this comes the creation of 1.8 billion pieces of user-generated content every single day. The rise in UGC content found on almost every fashion brand website around the globe, and the popularity of companies like Olapic, Curalate and Chute, can attest to the effectiveness of UGC marketing and the need for every brand to jump on board!

We decided to dig in to why this content really works…When our Head of Business Development moved into her new apartment, she said that seeing how real people styled furniture significantly influenced her purchase decisions and gave her a lot of inspirational ideas of how to style specific pieces she wanted to purchase. She can validate the effectiveness of UGC content in converting her on a particular  shop’s site, and also increased her basket size when she bought some adjunct products.  According to Olapic’s Visual Commerce Report, consumers spend double the time browsing a website when there is a UGC gallery. We also read that conversion goes up by upwards of 10% when UGC content is present in the checkout path. Seeing customer photos validates and gives us visual proof that a product is in fact how it’s described, and makes it feel more within reach. If we weren’t convinced before, we could say UGC content encourages us to buy more, lets just say “people trust people” and this is helping eCommerce sales.

ugc drives results

User Generated Content drives higher results.

So, why do we at Fashwell like UGC so much? Well, as fashion tech nerds whose technology can automatically detect fashion products in images using computer vision, we see a natural fit in detecting the products in UGC images. More than that we are tech geeks who want to automate, scale and help companies find more content. Fashwell is able to assist companies who are looking to automate fashion product tagging, in addition to scaling and speeding up the turn around for brand partners. Fashwell can take the product tagging from upwards of 10 minutes down to 2 seconds per photo, delivering extremely precise results per product. Fashwell’s fashion recognition API flawlessly plugs into backend curation tools or can be accessed through remote tooling and is seamlessly synced with each shop’s product catalog. When manual curation is needed for an extra level of QA, our tools easily provide a visual search interface to quickly select the best product choice or continue searching using visual search technology. Fashwell is proud to provide the technology that powers products that bring value and drive more sales for our favorite brand’s across the globe!

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