We bridge the gap between content and eCommerce by making every image shoppable.


In an era dominated by visual content, Fashwell transforms the way brands and consumers engage with images. Our API can power visual searches, make content shoppable and even help curate a product catalogue. Best of all, it can be easily integrated into your current system. 

Visual Search

Searching by image guarantees a personal shopping experience. Our technology offers a two-fold application in terms of visual search: First there is the initial search, wherein a first selection of products is retrieved. Then comes the refined search: a curated selection of products – all based on the shopper’s image.

Shoppable Content

Content creators are the movers and shakers of the fashion world. They produce inspirational images and post them on social media or affiliated platforms. Our API enables this content to become instantly shoppable by speeding up and automating the photo-tagging process.

Catalogue Management

Our API automatically manages an online catalogue by analysing, defining and sorting products in terms of style, colour, fit or price. Understanding the stylistic components of each product optimises the catalogue and, in turn, the experience of the shopper.


Our proprietary deep learning pipeline automatically extracts every layer of an image.