Fashwell, we make images shoppable

Our world leading deep learning algorithm recognizes fashion items in an image. We deliver fast and scalable results via a flexible API. Built on the best technology of today, powering the eCommerce solutions of tomorrow.


The Fashion Recognition API

An algorithm that can identify fashion products better than the human eye. Our API can be easily integrated into your current system.

Visual Search

Unleash the power of an image using Fashwell’s image recognition API. Image search within your website and App powered by Fashwell’s product recognition pipeline will deliver fast and accurate product results, bringing customers closer to the checkout path.

Photo Tagging

Automated fashion product detection in wild and User Generated images. Dynamic product lookup and integrated shoppable links makes any image shoppable within seconds. All data points delivered in our flexible API – scale and speed up any tagging process and bring more UGC content to life on your site.

Visual Recommendation

Fashwell’s visual recommendation engine learns your product catalog and delivers the results that a customer wants to see.  Providing out of stock alternatives or similar item search, Fashwell learns all attributes to deliver the most similar result when queried.


The Technology

Our proprietary deep learning pipeline automatically extracts every layer in a fashion image

Visual Search App

Get a real world experience of our solution with the iPhone App that makes any image shoppable. Upload an image to see for yourself. Check out what other users are posting in the “trending” area.